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TRUMP supporter Richard Barnett stormed into the US Capitol and broke into the office of House Spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi – and bragged about it

The rioter took a picture on her desk and made it out of the government building with her personal mail

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Richard Barnett, 60, also known as “Bigo,” was one of the rioters who broke into the US Capitol to intimidate Congress leaders into attesting the votes of the electoral college

Barnett found Pelosi’s office and managed to sit on her desk with his legs on her belongings

After he left, he was photographed outside the Capitol with an envelope that he said had been removed from Pelosi’s office

He told 5News that he took it because he appeared to be bleeding on it and said, “I put a quarter on the desk because I’m not a thief”

The Trump fan – who boasts of running for Arkansas governor in 2022 – also claimed he “wrote a nasty note, put my feet on her desk, and scratched my balls”

Barnett claimed he had just knocked on the door of Pelosi’s office when the crowd shoved him in

However, he apparently admitted that his story sounded unlikely, adding, “I’ll probably tell you this happened all the way to DC Jail”

Barnett reportedly owned two Facebook accounts that were opened on the evening of Jan. Banned or removed from the site on January 1st

One of the reports, named “George Reincarnated Patton” after the World War II general, was banned or removed Thursday morning

Apparently the account was linked to Barnett because the profile picture showed him and the page included a selfie and a post that he had signed with his real name, according to The Washington Post

Also, a post on the “Patton” account last Saturday urged his friends to switch to the account in Barnett’s real name, as it was said: “Tired of duplicating”

On a Facebook post on the Patton page on Jan. On December 12th, Barnett reportedly announced he would be attending Wednesday’s rally and urged his supporters to attend

In addition to the thousands who caused rioting outside, 32-year-old Jake Angeli was depicted wearing a horned fur hat as he walked into the U.S. Capitol with Barnett and others

A filmed interview with Angeli, who claims to have special powers, has surfaced and has posted a number of QAnon conspiracy theories online

QAnon supporters believe, without evidence, that President Trump is trying to stop a wealthy pedophile cult controlled by banking elites and members of the Democratic Party

In the interview filmed at an event in Arizona last year, Angeli explained his alleged powers

At least four people died and several others were seriously injured in clashes after rioters fought police officers and forced their way into the Capitol

A 6pm curfew has been imposed across the city to keep the rioters under control over the rioting on the streets

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