This Is Us star Justin Hartley will be on Monday the 28 December, appearing in the latest episode of HGTV’s Celebrity IOU The Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott are hosting the spin-off show, and fans will see Hartley transform his friend Mat’s backyard into a “breathtaking outdoor oasis for all his family” transformed ”

Even if you don’t follow This Is Us, you may have heard of Hartley’s name.Hartley was married to Netflix’s Selling Sunset star Chrishell Stause.The two married in 2017, and Hartley filed for divorce two years later in 2019, and since then has been Hartley moved to a new girlfriend

Hartley has started dating Sofia Pernas Hartley and Pernas first met when the two worked together on The Young and the Restless Hartley starred on the show from 2014-2016, and Pernas performed as Hartleys in 2015 On-screen girlfriend at Stause was also appearing on The Young and the Restless at the time, and she and Hartley announced their engagement in 2016

Hartley announced on Jan. Hartley announced the date of separation as November 8, 2019 July 2019 Stause then applied for the dissolution of the marriage, citing irreconcilable differences weeks later per Entertainment Tonight

Shortly after Selling revealed Sunset Stause and Hartley’s divorce, Hartley made his relationship with Perna’s Instagram official in early August this year.Pernas posted an Instagram story about a man huddled with a drink, baseball cap, and cigar in hand Leaning on a marble table She wrote the story “Just Like Sunday Morning” via Good Housekeeping Hartley posted a similar Instagram story of him in a similar setting. He wore the same baseball cap as in Pernas’ Instagram story

Hartley was spotted ahead of her Instagram story debut with Pernas, a source told People in June that the two “have been together for several weeks,” the source added that the two had been two, “spending a lot of time at his house to spend You look very happy ”

“She was a friend very much in love,” the source told People. “She dropped him off in the morning and came back a few hours later to pick him up. She helped him into the car and had a cold drink for him. She returned to his Back home and were there all weekend ”

Fans watched Stause’s marriage collapse in Season 3 of Selling Sunset. During the finale episode, Stause burst into tears, saying, “It’s just a lot all at once because everyone around the world knows I love him so much very That was my best friend Who am I talking to now? ”

Shortly after the two split up, a source told people that Stause didn’t see the divorce coming, “Yes, they had some problems but they certainly never thought he’d just go and suddenly file for divorce and wouldn’t even try to save things, “the source told People
The source added: “He has made a new name for himself thanks to the show and doesn’t want to close a lot of doors right now, and that’s not necessarily the path Chrishell wants to go, though she thought babies would happen soon after they got married, though it just didn’t work ”

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