Four people died when supporters of President Donald Trump forcibly occupied the U Capitol, officials said Wednesday night

Washington, DC.Police chief Robert Contee said the dead on Wednesday included a woman who was shot dead by the U.S. Capitol Police plus three other people who died in “medical emergencies” “

Police said both law enforcement and Trump supporters used chemical irritants during the hours of occupation of the Capitol building before it was evacuated by law enforcement on Wednesday night

The woman was shot dead the previous Wednesday when the mob tried to break through a barricaded door in the Capitol where police were armed on the other side.She was hospitalized with a gunshot wound and later died. The woman who died was identified as San Diego-based military veteran Ashli ​​Babbitt, NBC San Diego reported

DC. Police officers also say two pipe bombs were recovered, one outside the Democratic National Committee and one outside the Republican National Committee Police found a cooler made from a vehicle with a long gun and a Molotov cocktail on the Capitol grounds

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World News – USA – Woman killed in U The cast of the Capitol is said to come from San Diego