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Russell Wilson’s frustration with Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks has too much smoke to ignore any longer. Athletic’s Michael-Shawn Dugar, Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks have been reporting on the growing divide between the two parties, and it’s hearing doesn’t seem like the problems are being fixed Boss among them:

Earlier this week, NFL Network’s Michael Silver reported that the teams believe that Russell Wilson’s bidding would start with three selection rounds, which should look familiar as it was once considered a minimum to enter the Deshaun Watson Sweepstakes There’s no indication (yet) that Seattle general manager John Schneider will actually treat his franchise quarterback that hasn’t stopped Mile High Report from weighing in.

UPDATE: ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Russell Wilson would not consider the Broncos. While this may change as he has a no-trade clause, any offer is now purely hypothetical

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson has not requested a trade, his agent Mark Rodgers told ESPN Wilson has told the Seahawks he would like to play in Seattle but if a trade were considered the only teams he would be with would go, the Cowboys, Saints, Raiders, Bears

Tim Lynch: No, he’ll be 36 when Denver has one more first round picks. If you want to talk about mortgaging the future, swap three drafts for a quarterback who is likely to retire when You have a draft again Unlike a man like Deshaun Watson, who will be 28 when Denver starts drawing again, when the cost is three draft picks, the team could build around the draft for another 8 years after that, when Watson plays against 36

At least 1/3 of the NFL has informed the #Seahawks of Russell Wilson’s availability #PatMcAfeeShowLIVE picTwittercom / Rh3nAXYIUI

Joe Mahoney: Yes. He’s an elite QB who should have won two Super Bowls. Older than Watson but young enough to play elite QB for another eight years or more in the NFL. He throws the best deep ball in the league and he would have two elite deep threats in Sutton and Jeudy Hamler could also turn into a real weapon with a QB that can throw accurately deep

I know Russell Wilson’s recent media tour makes it feel like he’s not focused on soccer, but this is a reminder that he has a soccer field in his crib. He’s locked up. He’s fair. I’m sick of losing and want everyone to know lol picTwittercom / ONAgAQj4py

Taylor Kothe: Because of the 7 year age difference, the decision is much more difficult than Watson’s, but I would incline to yes.A bird in hand is worth two as the saying goes, and the chances are good that at least one, possibly two of these picks will bust the first round or just fine just give me the Elite QB instead, and from there it will work with Mahomes in the division and the potential for Herbert to take a second jump from his To make a record-breaking rookie performance, one has to be willing to take a bold blow to remain competitive at AFC West now, acting for Wilson would be just that

Russell Wilson’s frustration has led his camp to address trade goals with the Seahawks, sources tell The Athletic Teams include: ■ Dolphins■ Jets■ Saints■ Raiders picTwittercom / OeTpu2KWYv

Joe Rowles: Russell Wilson was on the mountaintop helping the Seahawks get back to Super Bowl XLIX.He played in big moments and got away with it on both sides, and I think that type of experience would be invaluable to one Young Offense Still Finding Its Way In addition to the intangible benefits it would bring to the locker room, it’s obviously a massive upgrade over nearly every possible alternative the Broncos have in front of them this off-season

I love the NFL Draft but at some point we have to look at what each selection is They are lottery tickets studies have shown teams run into them about 50-55% of the time, although the Broncos have been drawing well lately, it seems foolish to overestimate their worth compared to what an elite QB could mean

While I think his age and the sheer number of hits he’s had over the course of his career are notable concerns, Wilson has never missed a start to his NFL career if the Broncos only have to part with draft capital , joins a crime that has heavily invested in the offensive line.In the current era, Wilson isn’t particularly likely to see Wilson by his 40th birthday Year of life plays

Long story short, yes I would give up three picks for the first round for Wilson, it sure is better to see him land in Las Vegas with Jon Gruden

The Broncos should address Russell Wilson in a lot of ways – they have invested heavily in OL and they have Mike Munchak- The receiving corps is extremely promising- Shurmur lets Wilson air it- Vic Fangio’s defense

Adam Malnati: I’m in either Watson or Wilson Concerns about the loss of capital drain are dashed by a QB that gets you into the playoffs every year, essentially you don’t vote higher than late in Round 1, so who is that interested? Russell Wilson is an incredible talent. His age doesn’t scare me as much in today’s NFL as it did 10 years ago. The rules are designed to keep QBs clean, which serves to extend his career as a player. Wilson would be great in Denver if the guns and system would be running Nicest deep ball in the game Incredible ability to keep games alive With the talent around him, the Broncos become Super Bowl competitors instantly I’d give the next 5 years of the top in return for 3-5 years give away this potential

Ian St Clair: Watson or Wilson, you go out of your way to get one of them While I’d prefer Watson, Wilson is a hell of a consolation prize As Joe M pointed out, how much fun would Wilson have on this offensive? It would also be great fun to watch Mahomes vs Wilson twice a year The fact that this is even discussed is insane at least Paton has to pick up the phone and try to work some magic

Russell Wilson

World News – USA – Would you trade 3 picks from the first round for Russell Wilson?

Source: https://www.milehighreport.com/2021/2/25/22301243/would-you-trade-3-first-round-picks-for-russell-wilson