The Xbox Series X little brother can be yours for $ 300 – if you can find it in stock

The Xbox Series S was released back on November 10, but you would hardly know from the major retailers’ product pages and store shelves This is the $ 300 sibling of the $ 500 Xbox Series X: it plays the same games , but is limited to 1440p (versus 4K) resolution, doesn’t have an optical drive, and only has half the space (500GB versus 1TB) – but this can be expanded with add-on drives, and Microsoft loads automatically less extensive textures to better optimize storage space.If you don’t have a 4K TV, this is the smart choice as it is affordable and doesn’t write many checks that your TV can’t cash

But the S Series sold out quickly on the pre-order day in September, and most of us had to wait until launch day, November 10, to claim a console. Then, if you didn’t get one, you must ask: How will there actually be a lot of inventory this week? That’s hard to say as Microsoft said little about how many units it will have for sale

So much is true: while Sony’s PS5 launch was only online, both versions of the Xbox were initially available both online and in-store The S Series sold out quickly and we expect limited quantities for the rest of 2020

While most retailers have not been very clear (or not at all) telling customers when they expect units to be on sale, some stores have been more open to Walmart, for example, has informed customers exactly when new inventory will be deleted via Twitter We know that your next chance to buy an Xbox Series S or Series X tonight, November, at Walmart will be 25 to 6 pm PT (9 Sm ET) The sale is only online

That’s not all. We also know that Walmart will have some availability for the sold out Nintendo Switch Black Friday bundle today at 4 p.m. PT (7 Sm ET)

Walmart isn’t the only retailer to use Twitter Antonline is doing the same and is only attracting less attention The retailer tweets availability at the time of the drop and contacts customers and players directly A representative from Antonline also said: “We have a strict policy on a customer and we do a lot of checks to get that into the hands of real gamers, not scalpers.” Here is the retailer’s most recent tweet about a drop. As you can see, you probably want the retailer so that the tweets are useful:

We are very grateful for our family #antfarm today Here is another drop for the #XboxSeriesX ☺️https: // tco / oCWdXxl0rm picTwittercom / jmuCK1lbRd

Best Buy and GameStop are also testing Xbox availability for the week of Black Friday, but haven’t provided specific details

At least one CNET editor was able to rate the Xbox Series S on Amazon earlier this month. The inventory there has since disappeared However, if you’d like to try your luck, we’ve rounded up all of the major retailers currently offering the console for sale

Here is Walmart’s order page for the Xbox Series S Walmart says your next chance to buy an Xbox online is at 6 p.m. PT today

Best Buy was the last retailer to fall behind on the pre-order day in September, but it’s just one of many stores now selling the Xbox Series S.

Amazon’s order page includes both versions of the next-gen console – the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S.

Here you can buy an Xbox Series S from Newegg

If you want to buy the new Xbox from GameStop, here’s how

Target also has a page for the Xbox Series S.

Microsoft is offering the Xbox Series S for $ 300 or as part of the Xbox All Access plan, which includes the Series S and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and costs $ 25 per month for 24 months

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