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Roaming gangs of looters looting Emeryville stores along Bay Street – Up News Info...

EMERYVILLE (Up News Info SF) – Looters targeted various Emeryville retail stores along Bay Street on Saturday night, breaking into H,amp;M, Best Buy, Lane Bryant, BevMo! and GameStop stores and running away with merchandise. Small groups were strolling through the retail district, choosing targets, breaking windows, and then running to scam merchandise. The helicopter video […]

Looting in Emeryville Not Related to George Floyd Protest: Officials

At Shellmound and Powell streets in Emeryville, about 100 cars drove into a shopping mall, crashing into storefronts and breaking windows Saturday evening, in an instance that officials said is not related to the George Floyd protests taking place across the Bay Area.

Looters wreak havoc at San Francisco’s Union Square, Powell Street Center in Emeryville during...

As San Jose, Oakland, Los Angeles and other major U.S. cities assess the violence and damage from Friday night, next wave gets underway.